Web Butler

Our Web Butler Programme is here to take the weight off your shoulders. It has been designed with ease and flexibility in mind. Web Butler currently offers three tailor-made monthly packages. These can be ordered individually or as a bundle. Please find the current Web Butler options listed below.

Web Butler Care+

With Web Butler Care+, we will ensure your website is always online, secure and timely with effective communications through our Silver Service Hosting. Web Butler Care is not just about hosting. Our unique approach involves monthly analysis and optimisation of specifics affecting SEO, user experience and longevity.

£350 per month

Technical Specification

  • Maintained hosting dock
    • Content Delivery Network
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Automatic Highly Frequent Backups
    • Accelerated webpages using the latest web technology
    • Website always online
  • Regular server-side SEO analysis and optimisation
  • Regular loading time analysis and optimisation
  • Regular upgrade analysis and implementation
  • Regular responsive analysis and optimisation
  • Report document provided monthly

Web Butler Polish

With Web Butler Polish, we take a look at your website alongside your business online goals. We make sure your website is working towards these goals in the most effective, timely and measurable way. Our unique approach is to focus on achieving your main objective, by carrying out regular analysis and optimisation on traffic to your site, the user journey and user experience. We provide you with a monthly report to show how your site is working harder to bring the results you expect from it.

£350 per month

Technical Specification

  • Focusing on 1 main objective
  • Regular traffic analysis
  • Regular user journey analysis and optimisation
  • Regular user experience analysis and optimisation
  • Report document provided monthly

Web Butler Serve

With Web Butler Serve, we concentrate on putting your website in front of your target audience. We do this by selecting the best applied online methods to reach and attract those desired customers. Our technical understanding of the end user ensures your budget is spent wisely, ultimately resulting in a high return on investment.

from £350 per month

Technical Specification

  • Audience analysis
    • Interest (affinity) analysis
    • Geographic analysis
    • In-market analysis
  • Channel promotion
    • Google Ads
    • YouTube Ads
    • On-page SEO
  • Regular verification through traffic analysis (same as service under Route)
  • Regular audience & channel optimisation
  • Report document provided monthly

Web Butler Silver Service Bundle

Packages included: Care+, Polish, Serve and…

Enhance (extra) – monthly analysis of media on your website. Valued at £100 per month

£950 per month

Web Butler Create

With Web Butler Create, we will design & build a website that supports your business goals, reflects your brand values and gets results. Whether you are looking to renovate your existing site or create something totally new, we provide a solution that not only offers you the opportunity to achieve a successful online window to your business, but also allows you to spread the costs monthly over a minimum period of six months to suit your budget.

from £500 per month

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